The Never Ending Journey

There are as many ways to live in this world as there are people, and each one deserves a closer look.
I had to leave Florida today after 2.5 months. It flew by but hopefully we only have to be long distance for 10 more months. Getting to spend the last two months together definitely made us grow in our relationship and learn some new quirks about one another lol. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you @relli89 ❤️
#longdistance #florida #love #seeyasoon #mylove #tenmonths

I had to leave Florida today after 2.5 months. It flew by but hopefully we only have to be long distance for 10 more months. Getting to spend the last two months together definitely made us grow in our relationship and learn some new quirks about one another lol. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you @relli89 ❤️
#longdistance #florida #love #seeyasoon #mylove #tenmonths

Destination: Bogota

I read many travel websites and blogs, but nothing truly prepares one for a trip to a new place. I thought I knew what to wear and what to except and things alike but that was not the case. So here are some interesting tips and advice for your trip to Bogota, Colombia.


1. Don’t have expectations because they will prove you wrong. I honestly did not know what to expect other than I needed to know spanish. Leave your expectations at home because whatever you may think will definitely not be the truth. For instance, Bogota is very very dirty. I didn’t mind it because it is a massive city and there are millions of people everywhere. But I don’t live there so I didn’t have to care much about it. I did not think it would be that dirty, however.

2. It will be cold and you need a sweater or two or five. I swear that I read it was going to be in the 90’s. Despite the many blogs I read about being in the mountains and it being in the 70’s in the day and possibly 50’s at night I believed it was going to be hot. Well, I was pretty wrong and I was pretty cold. I also stuck out because I didn’t have dark winter clothing - because oh yeah, it is winter there during our summer. You know, that Southern Hemisphere thing. I hunted for a cute sweater or jacket the second we landed and ended up with one I wore for a few hours then preceded to wear Ferrell’s for the remainder of the trip. Regardless though, Bogota is in the mountains so layers are necessary. As are pants.

3. Taxis are cheap!! We paid $5 for a long (time and distance) ride. *Note: they have the peso too not dollar. The bus is even cheaper !! It cost cents to ride the bus and it’s even cooler than that because the bus has it’s own lane blocked off from any other traffic so you get places faster than other transportation. The bad thing about the bus is during rush hour (going to work/school and leaving work/school) almost the entire city is trying to take the bus and it’s seriously the craziest sight. The bus stations are similar to a subway station and there are doors to let you get onto the bus (not the bus doors) and people crowd these doors EVEN when there bus isn’t arriving. This makes it impossible to board when it is actually your bus!! Then people are packed in so tightly that you can barely breath! Advice: take a taxi at rush hour! There are also small buses called “collectivo” but we never figured out their routes and ended up in the wrong part of town. Those can be flagged down whenever you need a ride and cost about the same as the big bus.

4. La Candelaria is a cool place to stay with tons of history and fellow travelers. It also has most of the hostels and cheaper accommodations. But it can be sketchy at night so stay with a partner or travel by taxi. We were offered cocaine twice by the same young guy who actually thought it was funny he ran into us again a lot later that night. He goes “remember!?” I was also told by Ferrell we were offered LSD and weed by some other guy but I didn’t hear it. They didn’t try to push anything on us after our first “no gracias”. The street vendors were pushier than the guys selling drugs. Other than that it’s pretty normal as far as a big city. The police are everywhere so I imagine it’s hard to get away with much these days.

5. Be prepared for stray dogs (whom are adorable) and lots of homeless people.

6. We went on a graffiti tour that was very interesting. The guide was a known artist himself so he knew everything to know about the street art. It is worth taking one because it gives insight to the city history.


7. Sundays are big days. Ciclovia is a huge deal which is when they close down the entire Carrera 7 and everyone rides their bikes. All the street vendors come out too and it’s just people everywhere! Rent a bike and participate! There is also a market in Usaquen on Sundays. Also all museums are free on Sunday which is a bonus. The Botero museum is connected to the Bank museum and a couple others. Then there is the gold museum and other ones around the city. It definitely saves some money waiting until Sunday to go!

8. At the airport - I read this prior to the trip and then it became a reality - take the taxis in the authorized section or you may be duped into a hotel promotor and pay more or be told that your hotel is closed.

9. Things to see/do:
La Zona Rosa (t)
Parque de 93 (we didn’t see)
La Candelaria
Museo de Oro
Catedral de Sal (in Zipaquira)
A Futbol game if in season
Andres club
-the city is big but it’s not full of attractions because tourists have just started appearing in the last 10 years give or take. It’s slowing turning more touristy and adapting.

There isn’t much else to say other than the younger population (millennials or Generation Y ) are extremely fashionable similar to that of Europe or New York City so I was feeling lame about my outfit choices. Also, know some Spanish because there are few English speakers that you’ll encounter. Necesito ir a (location, por favor, gracias, discuple or perdon, la cuenta, por favor, cuanto costa, donde esta…., baño, no habla español, un poco, como esta orden, como esta, buen dia/noche oh and hola, soy (name)….you’ll be great! Use English and hand motions if there is a problem. Have a safe trip!


P.s. Try the chicha.

I was super surprised today by my fabulous coworkers -for my last day, cakes and treats. Super sad to leave. It was the fastest ten weeks ever and I’ll miss the Bare Minerals team! #bareminerals #girlfriends #cake #bonbons #love #theygotmea12packofdietcoke #awesomegirls #superloved

I was super surprised today by my fabulous coworkers -for my last day, cakes and treats. Super sad to leave. It was the fastest ten weeks ever and I’ll miss the Bare Minerals team! #bareminerals #girlfriends #cake #bonbons #love #theygotmea12packofdietcoke #awesomegirls #superloved

Such fun and welcoming roomies. A summer to never forget!

Such fun and welcoming roomies. A summer to never forget!

This is a blog about blogs

So, in the fervor of the online world, everyone these days has a blog. A beauty blog or an art blog or like me a whatever blog. Mine started as a way to document my travels and while I was in Europe to delicately portray my time with the hellion children. But what I am focused on now, in this exact time, is the amount of beauty blogs out there. Don’t get me wrong, I am always reading them and getting tricks and ideas. What I want to say, however, is that my own personal beauty secrets/tricks are not so much secrets/tricks. I am constantly doing something new merely because I have forgotten certain information I have read or learned. I don’t think I have kept up with a beauty regimen for years that I hold to a religious status. I do have products I have used since before I could walk but that doesn’t mean I will never use anything else. To me, it feels like we must have these awesome beauty tips to be an appropriate female. I am just normal, I know that. I look at old pictures and I think about how much I loved the way my hair looked or my make up during a certain time period but I cannot tell you how I did it! Bottom line of those pointless rant is that I am just a normal girl. I have no tricks or secrets for anything I do for hair or skin. I don’t stick to one workout routine everyday. It just seems that so many girls are on YouTube or blog sites giving their expertise on topics and to me I’m thinking “well you’re like 16 how can you be such an expert?!” I don’t know.

These are just thoughts reflecting on my normalness and average lifestyle.

Another sleepless night with thoughts running on my mind treadmill. They’re running a 7 minute mile.

There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep at night and have 100 million thoughts circulate in my head. Lately, I have been over stressing out about my future and what is to come of it and how I am going to handle (pay) for it. No one could have seen it coming that I would have a long distance relationship and have to spend every dime on flying back and forth. I wouldn’t change it one bit (unless I could have had Ferrell in my city) but it has added stress I never knew I could have. I am planning on moving to NYC after graduation. Apparently, this cost $10,000.00 just to move. I have always known the expense but in my mind it was that I needed enough for two months rent and a deposit and of course I would have or be getting a job ASAP. Any job will do, event planning, cocktail waitress, or working at Bare Minerals SoHo. But recently random passerby’s have been giving me unsolicited advice about how much I truly need. I wanted to be able to just pick up and go and struggle for a while before figuring it out. Apparently, this isn’t even do able. So my question is, how do young people move there without so much as a couch to crash on until they figure it out? After being in school four year and neck deep in student loans, I don’t know how anyone does it, but they do. So, dammit I determined. On top of all of this, I would like to be married before moving in with Ferrell. The problem with this is, we have no money for a wedding. I would like to elope but I still would love to have all the bells and whistles and my family along side. This would set back our moving to the city as well. Then I thought, what if we get engaged and move to the city then plan a wedding over the course of a couple years. The problem is though, would we have a wedding in NYC or back home in Arkansas. So then, we are paying for plane tickets back and forth and having to plan from a thousand miles away! DO YOU SEE WHY I AM STRESSING. I send some of this to my mom the other day and she replies with “relish in the joy of today” and “Only God has control” which stopped me in my tracks and makes me realize that as well. I have not given the big man any credit lately. Nor have I been giving him my concerns and honestly, my life. I also need to remember I can’t control when or if Ferrell will propose (LOL). But I have been up countless nights with all these thoughts. It was no means a bad detour from my life plan but meeting my love did changes things! I am just thankful he is with me in pursing my New York City dream and thats the best support a girl could ask for from a man. It’s time to let go of my fears, jealousy, desires, and whatever else is keeping these obsessive thoughts in my brain, and give it to the Lord because when it comes down to it, I am willing to go anywhere in the world and do anything that is set in my path because I love the adventure. Then again, I also love Ikea and that got me into some credit card trouble a few days ago!